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By Prof. Femi Ajayi

It is an old saying that when certain plants cannot stand on their own, they grow besides stronger plants; otherwise they crawl on the ground. This might go with the follow up that when two plants twist against each other like yam leaves; it will not grow like iroko tree that stands firm on its own. What happens is the two plants will continue to struggle as to match up which of it would grow taller to catch up with Iroko Tree.

We might turn the whole episode to the farmer who grows the plants, both weak and strong, and still nurture them to smarten his farm. Unless the farmer decides which of the plants he wants on his farm, the decision to survive depends on the farmer.

The point is, regardless how well the CPC and ACN work together if the cultivator refuses to nurture them well they will not grow; or if they decide how they fabricate each other, it will not work.

PDP has sturdily established itself through all available means in the game of politics. According to the dictates of the filthy society, it will be hard to dislodge this iroko tree already matured in Nigeria.

In a civilized society, the progress of the government of the day is always very paramount among patriotic citizens. Progress is the song on every citizen’s lips, and not the downfall of the country. If the country progresses everyone seems to benefit from it; if it is otherwise the poor people would eventually suffer woefully. While the government focuses on catering for every single citizen, Nigerian should have that sense of patriotism in building the country.

When Ribadu was appointed to head the Petroleum Revenue Special Task Force, ACN developed cold feet. ACN should be reminded that in any structure, every concerned citizen must be available to serve the country. In the United States, especially in Chicago, from where Senator Ahmed Tinubu got part of his Education, where he visited late August 2012 with strong delegation of his party (Action Congress of Nigeria), competition of who runs the affairs of the country is part of their civil responsibilities. The looser congratulates, cooperates with the winner in moving the country forward.

After all, most Nigerians query the presence of Ribadu in ACN taking into cognisance the history between Tinubu and Ribadu while he was the EFCC Chairman. If ACN is really to contribute to the rapid growth of Nigeria, it should not discourage its members from accepting any service to the country. Most Nigerians would agree and support the appointment of any patriotic Nigerian in as much as such individual is capable of restoring some politesse in the public service.

Ribadu does not have to explain his reasons to any cacophonic, self-serving ethnic jingoists in sheep clothing parading themselves as patriots in the modern day world doing the wrong thing to sustain themselves in this sinful world where their God-given brain has been crammed with deceit.

I believe Tinubu has not demonstrated enough patriotism when he stated that “I want to see it as a deep insult because Nuhu Ribadu ran for the office of the president of Nigeria against President Goodluck Jonathan.” He should continue his politicking aiming at moving Nigeria forward. Americans would encourage smart and highly intelligent foreigners, denouncing their original nationality, made them USA Citizens, offer them some highly classified positions within the Government for the incessant growth of the Country.

President Obama appointed Republican Secretaries of Defense, the Army, and Transportation. He appointed a Vice President who ran against him in 2008, and trusted him to oversee the successful end of the war in Iraq and the implementation of the recovery act. Obama also appointed several members of his Cabinet among Hillary Clinton’s supporters. Hillary Clinton swallowed her pride, accepted her appointment as Secretary of State under her strongest rival in the 2008 Presidential elections; a Black man of original African descent for that matter.

Nuhu Ribadu was a borrowed candidate; won only one State in South West with a resounding loss in Lagos State in his Presidential bid, which ought to have been easily won by CAN; like Abubakar Atiku, to boost ACN, which helped ACN to some level, on both occasions. Ribadu has the right to quit at any time, as done by Atiku, without any consultation about his destiny. The contract was over after the election. ACN should even be thankful to him for the assistance, not being a stooge of ACN; while the government does not have to take permission from the ACN before offering Ribadu a job.

Since Ribadu has accepted the offer, “as a call to national duty” it means that “in good conscience” he can work with the Jonathan administration. Should any Nigerian trust any of the current political parties, especially the ACN that is bent in attacking everything that comes from PDP, regardless?

Is the ACN Party on its praying mat for the failure of Jonathan’s administration? It is very paramount to note that there is no administration that would meet the needs of the people in its administrative life spam regardless how many years the leader stays in the government as proved by Libya and Egypt. Each administration will always have something to do in respect of the needs of the citizens.

ACN should have a change of mind-set on its quest to control the resources of the country, if and when it gets to the central government. Unless ACN is saying that, when it gets to the central government, if it is still intact then (2015), all opinions, and appointments will be exclusively that of ACN members.

As mentioned in some of my articles, 99% of the corruption gadgets in Nigeria surround Petroleum products, and Nuhu Ribadu is capable of minimizing the challenge within the Petroleum industry. ACN should not oppose good ideas if actually it is patriotic. Citizens of the world in the advanced world do not have time for any retrogressive policies from any group.

Pastor Bakare, , & Gen. Mohammed Buhari
Most Press releases of ACN, now joined by CPC, center mainly on attack on Jonathan administration, calling itself an Opposition Party, in the Presidential setting; mixing Kain Kain, local gins with Vodka, is becoming a routine of just oppose. Each time I read something or pronouncement by ACN, CPC, the two strange bedfellows, it is a condemnation of one thing or the other, which PDP or, its Party members are doing.

ACN will safe Nigeria from some sombre future throbbing from PDP, being a officious party or for at least 60 years to come, possibly this generation would be gone before PDP could be dislodged, with this type of tactics being used by ACN and CPC.

It is very sad that despite all the available advantages within ACN and CPC, the rhetoric of condemnation is the only thing we hear from their encampment. Nigerians are ravenous for new ideals from various quarters. However, not the ACN or CPC condemnation without any prescribed alternatives. Opposition is old and extraterrestrial in the modern world democracy. Their continuous attack on Jonathan administration makes it looks like ACN or CPC never stumbles, even by fielding Atiku for 2007 and Ribadu 2011 as its flag bearers, and the thrice failed Buhari as the generalissimo of Nigeria Presidential candidate. I doubt if confrontation or condemnation on the central government will work this time around.

It is almost a comic each time ACN or CPC come with the rhetoric not allowing PDP to set Nigeria ablaze. Where is the fire fighter? Where are the fire brigades? Where are the fire stations? What type of exercise is being conducted at these fire stations across the country that would quench the fire PDP is setting on Nigeria?

ACN has admitted imposing candidates on the people they are prepared to lead, possibly taking a nod from the Military regime in this modern day democracy in Nigeria. Chief Bisi Akande, the national ACN Chairman, never denied the fact that “This is not a matter of an individual but the party. Nobody should accuse ACN of imposition because that is our style. Anyone that is not comfortable with that should go and contest in another political party. So if you see anyone carrying placard around, he is wasting his time.”

Their obtuse argument in quoting similar imposition of candidates across the globe that would not work in a more complex society like Nigeria, where religion and ethnicity have polarized the country. In the United States they quote that Pa Jo Kennedy imposed his sons and family members all over America politics; Bush imposed his son; Cuomo imposed his son; the Daley machine imposed their family members; Indira Gandhi imposed her sons in India; Kim Il Sung imposed his son in North Korea; Papa Doc imposed Baby Doc in Haiti; the former president of Syria imposed his son; and the list goes on.

Are those environments the same as that of Nigeria?

Nigerians hope that the parties would rectify their imposition of candidates while strategizing for the 2015 elections. I hope that another charlatan from CPC would allow people to select their candidates, not making oneself the most qualified Presidential candidate which has been since 2003.

ACN has gotten into the business of looking for the right bride to get into unholy alliance, in each of its Presidential elections. Atiku came into ACN in 2007; he failed and went back to PDP. Ribadu was tagged into the Presidential contest in 2011, he failed woefully. He picked up a job with UNO to work on corruption in Afghanistan. As a patriotic Nigerian he accepted an offer by PDP led government in Nigeria, ACN was furious at that. Ribadu was like a beautiful bride that lost his virginity to the palm wine tappers, and still maintaining his dignity while looking for another groom.

Like King Sunny Ade would sing, a man who went to see the beauties at the beach, he is confused while the ladies were rushing for the man to pick them. Tolotolo ACN is not sure where to go for the next bride. Buhari? Chineke!

Could ACN working with CPC, consume all other mushroom political parties for a strong mega party to fight PDP? That could have been a strong approach the ACN/CPC should have applied to shake up PDP. Is ACN/CPC serious about stopping PDP to rule for ever?

2011 election has added Ogun, Osun, Ekiti, Edo, and Oyo to its party faithful. Time will tell if they will be able to match the template of Lagos State. ACN might have captured other States in the South West, took FULL advantage that ‘Ebora’ Owu, Obasanjo created for ACN to win the elections. Tinubu is a dirty fighter as a reminder. His health may be seriously counting on him. No noise makers with their inexperienced, very local, colloquial politics, screaming how they must win 2015 elections may get the job done.

What is done in some advanced democratic system is to manoeuvre to wrestle power from the party in power, the Nigeria almighty PDP. They have to strategically plan using their brains, not their hearts, to get the job done. They have the same brain any genius has, like Bill Gate, late Steve Jobs, an American inventor, and executive, Dangote, to plan successes in their life if they actually use it very well. The direction of every human being’s mind dictates their successes, which ACN and CPC should use.

In addition, both the leader of ACN, Senator Bola Tinubu, and his CPC counterpart, Major General Muhammadu Buhari should allow someone or individuals that have the charisma to win elections in the country, not recycling themselves, as 2015 Presidential candidates. Otherwise, PDP will continue to win elections for the next five decades. The attacks on PDP would not win any election for ACN/CPC.

Nigerians are getting smarter, realizing the poor quality of those voted to represent their interests. Nigerians want those that can work for their communities and constituencies, empower them economically, make life better for them, not giving them fish, but showing them how to fish.

Warning Nigerians not to join PDP or their party members, rejecting any offer from the ruling Party, will not be enough to convince Nigerians that if and when ACN has the mandate to govern Nigeria, it would perform better than PDP with its policy of winner takes all, through imposition of candidates and rejecting appointments from the governing party.

However, if they want ACN as an alternate party for Nigerians, its leaders should make it attractive for the new inventions in the horizon where fresh idyllic approaches to Nigeria issues, would be resolved.

According to Decimus Laberius, c. 45 B.C., “Treat your friend as if he will one day be your enemy, and your enemy as if he will one day be your friend.”

Professor Femi Ajayi is Head, Political Science and Public Administration Department, Babcock University, Ilishan-Remo, Ogun State
“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

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